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Welcome to Fuzhou!
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Fuzhou Shopping

Fuzhou is the national craft art point production area, for hundreds of years, the handicraft products like the Tuotai lacquers, stone carvings of Shou Mountain, gold and silver jewelries, the cork paintings, china, shell carvings, Zhishanjiaoshu etc. are elegant and incomparable, dumping the Chinese and Foreign visitors.

Some more famous shopping places:

Xinhuadu Shopping Square
It belongs to the Drum Building District
Address: No.162 of Wusi Road in the city Environment: It locates in the prosperous district of Wusi Road in Fuzhou City, is the first one-stop large shopping square of Fujian Province, the conducted brands cover all aspects of clothes, food, living and walking. Not only the market scale but also the management method of Xinhuadu Shopping Square are the first in Fujian.
Business time: 7:00 - 22:00
Service telephone: 0591 - 7858915, 800 - 8581115

Dongbai Group Incorporated CompanY of FuJIAn
It belongs to the Drum Building District.
Address: No.84 - 88 of 817 North Road of Fuzhou City
Environment: It locates in the prosperous center which is the corner of East Street in Fuzhou City, is the biggest comprehensive building currently in the province, the market area amounts to 45000 square meters, repaired cultured and luxurily, is a comprehensive building which gathers shopping, amusement, dining, guest house, office building and several service functions of postal service communication, bank...etc. as integral whole.
Business time: 8:30 - 22:00
Service telephone: 0591 - 7536211

Hulian Business Building of Fuzhou
It belongs to the Tai River District
Address: No.125 of Tai River Road in Fuzhou City
Environment: It locates in the Tai River Road of Fuzhou City, has 15 layers, the total building area is 22700 square meters, is economic entity which Chinese Department of Commerce is juxtaposed into towards following the sea to open the city investment and unify to assign name, is one of the members of Hualian Group, is listed in the national and large general merchandise retail the business enterprise trade consociation meeting member's unit in the whole country.
Business time: 9:00 - 21:00
Service telephone: 0591 - 3269914

Federal Marketplace of Fuzhou
It belongs to the Tai River District
Address: No.47 of Wuyi Medium Road in Fuzhou, the Railroad Mansion
Environment: It gathers together the domestic international well-known brands and selling particularly, such as Zuodannu, Bannilu, Shenma, Meitesi, Bangwei etc., is the best whereabouts of dress for the young men and women.
Business time: 9:00 - 22:00, They do not rest for the whole year.
Service telephone: 3332631
Special features merchandise of Fuzhou

The Tuotai lacquers: It is one of the three treasures of Fuzhou, the quality is agile and prison, the shape is ancient and generous, the decorate is abundant and colorful, the products contain the whets paint paintings, screens, vases, tea vessels, smoke vessels, stationeries etc. Since 1898 it got the gold prize on the international exposition for many times.

The stone carvings of Shou Mountain: It is one of the three treasures of Fuzhou, takes the stone in Shou Mountain as raw material, like Tianghuang, Tianhong, Manaodong, Shuijingdong, Tianlandong etc. to make official seals, cigarette cases, vases, stationeries and person landscapes, animals, flowers etc.

ood paintings: WIt is one of the three treasures of Fuzhou, take the skin of bolting as the material, the quick knife makes the paintings, glues to become the pavilions, terraces and buildings, trees, flowers and grasses, small bridges, flowing water, the curving corridor winding path and the persons, birds, monster, to hanging screens, the small pieces etc.

Wood carvings: Become the Shouxing, fairy maiden, ancient monster, flowers and birds...etc. with wood of the Longyan, Huangyang Jin...etc., the image is ancient and generous, crude and uncivilized and interesting and novel.

Shell carvings: Make use of the shell resources, make into the paintings, lacquers and smoke boxes, dishes, boxes, the set bottle etc., the rilievo become the shell paintings like the landscape of flowers and birds etc., they are rich in beauty.

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