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Fuzhou Excursions

>>Tailao Mountain
The general situation in the view area: Tailao Mountain has already been very prosperous in Tang and Song, there are 36 monasteries in the south and north of mountain, the scales of Guoxing, Ruiyun, Lingfeng, Bajiao, Tianwang etc. are the biggest. Now the ruins of the Xingguo Temple still save 360 stone pillars, there are Lengjia pagoda and the stone pond in the front of the temple, it is thus clear to see its scale at that time. The Yuhuan is the grass hall of Zhu Xi who was in Song Dynasty, the Xuanji Hole where Zhu Xi once lived, there still are famous persons in the past the rocky cliff to engrave the first mountain in the world, big view of the mountain and sea, god place etc. in the mountain. The Qinyu Town is below the Tailao Mountain, is one of the hero battlefields that the Ming Dynasty of Fukien followed the sea to anti- Japanese invaders. It has the name of ancient great town for ten thousand years.
Scenery description: The whole area of the scenic area is 92 square kilometers, is divided into five greatest view areas which are Tailaoshanyue, Jiulixipu, Qingchuanhaibin, Shangyuanchuihu and Fuyaoliedao. There still are two independent beauty spots which are the Lengchenggubao and the Ruiyun Temple. Own numerous natural views like the great mountain, strange stones, the difference hole, the show river, the nasty falls etc., and abundant humanities view like the ancient temple, stone tablet engrave etc.

>>Lingshi Mountain
The general situation in the view area: the total area of park is 2275 hectares; the overlay of forest rate is 93.4%. The program contain the ten greatest view areas, 100 beauty spots. Lingshi Mountain is known far and near for its thick forests, beautiful scenery, the delightfully fresh air and the long culture of Buddhism, is a famous scenery divine spot that are coastal in Fujian Province from thou. With borrowing its the enrich plant resources, unique beautiful natural landscapes and the long humanities historic monument, became a function well-found, serene and pretty, magnificent and charming tour, spend a holiday, summer resort.
Scenery description: Lingshi Mountain has the natural scenery special features of thick forests, great mountain, the show water, strange stone, the strange tree, the insurance peak etc. 8,600 mu forest that connect the slice is a green bright pearl in Fujian, wood the medieval times wood up to sky, the flowers are lousy, the rare and precious animals appear and disappear in the interval. The humanities view of Lingshi Mountain benefit by association together, hand over to reflect mutually, thousand years, the clock act drum of morning of ancient temple, the cultural objects, towers and last home are all like that, the fragrant stone, bisexual stone, all-powerful stone, stone touches with spiritual the spirit, the Nine Lion Hole is filled with the mysterious color, even having many charming legends, the scholars and writers arrive at the Lingshi Mountain to play to sing to stay, spread historic.

>>Ancient city of Chongwu

The general situation in the view area: It faces the sea for three sides, the west of it connects the land, the geography raises from the Dawu Mountain Range, locates at between Meizgou Gulf and Quan Gulf, is a more complete rock city that saves only in our country, also is the more complete historical relic in coastal defense history of our country, is the national point cultural object protection unit.
Scenery description: The ancient city of Chongwu become was made of the white granites, the three city gates of east, west and north are likeness, each has two city gates, established an war signal pedestal on each city gate, added to establish a shining wall outside of the south city gate. They established the watch-tower on the highest point which was the Lotus Mountain. There are one well and one pond on each side of city Han well leading to the city, the ten word streets in the city connect four city gates. In 1417 A.D., city wall were added highly for 1.3 meters. These city walls, nests spread, gate towers, Yue city, sets, and playing hall constitute a set of full strategic defense engineering system in the ancient times of our country.

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