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Welcome to Fuzhou!
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Fuzhou Overview

Fuzhou City is the provincial capital of Fujian Province." Because there is a Fu Mountain in the north of Fuzhou, it is called Fuzhou. Because the fig trees were planted fully in the city more than 900 year ago, the green shade are full in the city, hot not cover, and then it has the beautiful name of Rong City. Fuzhou lies in the eastern coastal region and in the downstream plain of Min River of Fujian Province, locates N2515'~2639', E11808'~12031',the area is 12152.5 square meters. It governs 5 areas which are Gulou, Taijiang, Changshan, Jiaoqu, Mawei and 8 countries or ciyies that are Fuqing, Changle, Minhou, Minqing, Lianjiang, Yongtai, Luoyuan, Pingtan, it is the politic, economy and cultural center of the Fujian Province and is one of main countries of Qiao in Fujian. In 1994, the total area was 11968 square kilometers, the population is 5,892,300, the residents regard Chinese as principle, there were still more than 20 national minorities like Qin, Man, Miao, Hui etc. The downtown area was 1043 square kilometers, the population was 1,400,000 people.
The east of Fuzhou gets close to East China Sea, is separated from Taiwan by the sea, is a Chinese southeast gold coast of Pacific Asia, from the thou to now, has the important strategic position of political, economy, military, cultures and various aspects in the whole country. The natural and cultural in each dynasty services make Fuzhou become the capitals successively, it has become one of the famous national cultural and historical cities now; The culture is prosperous, the great talent generation, they make Fuzhou have the beautiful name of the seashore Zhoulu early; The comprehensive real strength of city jumps into the row of Chinese 50 strong cities, is prized for a bright nova in the coastal region in Chinese southeast.
Fuzhou belongs to the subtropical ocean monsoon climate, the winter is short, the summer is long and it is warm and wetness in the whole year, the average sunshine of year counts to 1700-1980 hours; The average water falling of year is 900-2100 millimeters; The average air temperature of year is 19.6 ?, the mean temperature is 77?, the weather is gentle and the rain is abundant, it is evergreen all the year round. The predominant wind direction of Fuzhou is northeaster, in summer it is main south breeze, from July to September are the moment of stage manners activities, the typhoon directly lands to the city for 2 times every year. Fuzhou City is the important port in southeast coastal region in our country. It is still a good harbor of Chinese southeast cabotage up to now from the Han Dynasty, in the Tang Dynasty, it became the international trade harbor; In the Sung Dynasty, it developed to become the famous port city, was the important gate of the Silk Road on the sea, appeared prosperous prospects of the general merchandise went into the city, ten thousand wine door to hang the with the tide ship; In Ming Dynasty, the foreign trade entered in the vigorous period, Zheng He went to the westerns for 7 times and all sailed the sea in Mawei and Changle in Fuzhou; Fuzhou is still the origin place of Chinese modern navy and the shipbuilding industry. Fuzhou has the beautiful name of the blessing sea and treasure ground. The length of its coastline is 1137 kilometers, have 1/3 of the whole coastline of the province. Many natural and good harbors are in the coastal region, more than 100 natural and good harbors of the deep of water which are 1-200,000 ton can be built there, Fuqing Gulf and Luoyuan Gulf have long negative great reputation, they are the rare deep bay of water in whole country, there are 415 the group of coastal islands, the area of the Pingtan Island is 251.4 square kilometers, which is the biggest island of whole province, the fifth island in whole country. The fluid matter in neritic area in littoral of Fuzhou City is good, the marine products resources are abundant, the development of resources like the ocean mineral resources, the tide power, wind energy etc. make use of the foreground amplitude. Farm crops put three times in a year; it is abound in the rice, wheat, rape and sweet potato. The fish which are feed with fresh water contain 120 varieties, there are 500 varieties of the ocean fish and 20 varieties terrestrial animals which belong to the protection and forbid to hunt. There are 52 kinds of geologic strata mineral resources, mainly have the pyrophillite, quartz sand, crouan...etc., it is known for the original place of the agalmatolite. The total quantity of subterranean heat in downtown amounts to 98,000,000 sign the square meters; it is one of the three greatest hot springs in China.

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