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Welcome to Fuzhou!
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The best tour time in Fuzhou

    Fuzhou gets close to East China Sea, belongs to the warm and wet subtropics maritime climate, the weather is warmer, the average air temperature of year is 19.6 ?, the volume of rain is abundant. It is cooler and rainy in Fuzhou from March to April, the visitors can wear the woolen sweater, the cotton hair trousers and coats; it is summers from May to September, you should wear the cool well ventilated clothes; It is autumn from October to November, you need wear the single dress or thin sweaters; it is winter from December to the next February, you must wear the thick sweaters and dress. There are often thundershowers and typhoons from May to August; it is the season of typhoon in June, July and August, there must be the heavy rain or rain-storms after typhoon.
The best season when you go to travel in Fuzhou is autumn and winter, then the sunlight is bright and beautiful there, the trees are evergreen, one parties Yugoslavia landscape, the northern visitors are particularly fit.

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