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Fuzhou History

The archaeology has proved that in the earlier period of the Neolithic which is apart 5000 years to 7000 years from now and it was the primitive societies, there was the clan tribe in the region of Fuzhou to settle down over a long period of time. The persons of Fujian Province are the residents in that time. Be apart about 4000 year ago, which is the period of Xia Dynasty and is at the end of 21 century B.C. to the beginning of 16 century B.C., the clan residents of Fujian Province here had already contacted with the China clan of the region in the Central Plain. In the Zhou Dynasty, the relation here and Central Plain was closer. It not only belonged to the Zhou Dynasty, but also entered in the slave society. In 334 B.C., Wujiang who was the sixth generation grandson of Goujian that was the king of Yue was beat and died by Chuwei King, the Yue Country started to break up, the royal rushed to south, part of people of Yue went into Fujian Province, blending with clan of Fujian Province to become Minyue clan.
In 221 B.C., Qin Shi Huang unified six countries, then march in Fujian. In 220 B.C., Qin Shi Huang discarded the king of Minyue, established Minzhong County in the region of Fujian Province. At the end of Qin Dynasty, Wuzhu led the people of Minyue to be against Qin firstly, and then helped Liu Bang to fight against Xiang Yu. In 202, the Han made Wuzhu be the king of Minyue. Fuzhou became the capital of Minyue Country. Wuzhu depended on the Zhi Mountain to set up the city, which was called the Zhi City. In 282, Fuzhou was the county city of Jinan county, which was called the Zi City in that time. In the period of South Dynasty, Sui and Tang, Fuzhou was taken as the state city of the Fengzhou, Quanzhou, Minzhou and Jianzhou. In 725, Tang established the Dudu mansion of Fuzhou, from then on, Fuzhou chose name. In the end of Tang, Wang Shenzhi who came from Gushi of Guangzhou in Henan Province led the soldiers to go in the south with his elder brother whose name was Wang Chou, captured the whole Fujian, established the country of Min, cheese Fuzhou for the capital. In 901, Wang Shenzhi built up the bigger city outside the son city, established Bacheng Gate, Jiubian Gate and Sanshui Gate, called Luo City, built up with bricks which all had the patterns of Qianwen. In addition to the officers lived in the Luo City, they still let common people by rule district to set up the residences, divided the segment to round with the high walls, called them as the workshops, this was the embryonic form of seven lanes and three workshops. In 902, they built up the Ri City and Yue City in the south and north of the big city, the big city was clipped in them, called the Jia City. The whole city presented the circular slightly in that time, Yuewang Mountain which is Ping Mountain, Jiuxian Mountain which is Yu Mountain and Wu Mountain were all rounded in the city, so Fuzhou has another name of Sanshan. Later, Wang Yanjun who was the son of Wang Shenzhi found a state called Damin, changed Fuzhou to be called the Changle Mansion or the Eastern Capital. In 974, Qian Yu who was the officer of Fuzhou increased to build a city outside the Jia City. After South Song, the soldiers of Jin Dynasty were rampant, Central Plain in distressing plight, Fuzhou was taken as the peace place in Wuling, the avoiding disorders came gradually, the cultural establishment's persons, at that time it was prosperous. In the end of South Song, Zhao Kou who was Yi King accessed to the throne in Fuzhou, raise Fuzhou as the Fuan Mansion, taken as the capital. In 1278, they established the medium book province in Quanzhou, after three years moved back in Fuzhou. In Ming Dynasty, the rulers reduced the tax, prized clean and were against graft, encouraged to pioneer, developed production, the economy in Fuzhou was instauration, textile industry, business and the voyage industry recovered. In 1371, they built up a stone city on the foundation of Jia City of Tang Dynasty and the outside city of Song Dynasty to prevent Japanese invaders; it is the mansion city of Fuzhou. In the end of Ming Dynasty, the soldiers of Qing Dynasty went into the pass; Zhu Qijian who was Tang King accessed to the throne in Fuzhou, called Fuzhou as Tianxing Mansion, and then called the blessing city, taken as the capital. In the period of Ming and Qing, Fuzhou was the capital of Fujian. After the Opium War, Fuzhou was opened up for one of five people's treaty portses, the city extended increasingly. Chengnei, Nantai and the Chang Mountain connected one whole body, Shanghang, Xiahang, Zhongting, Taijiangxun became the business center of many businessmen, and the Chang Mountain became the foreign consulate area.
Since the year of republic to the People's Republic of China to establish, Fuzhou was the provincial capital of the Fukien Province. In 1933, in the period of the Incident of Fujian, been taken as the national capital of the China republic peoples the revolution government once and once. Therefore, Fuzhou not only became the county city or the state city from the Jin Dynasty, but also had the position of the provincial capital in Song Dynasty, and was the capital of Minyue King In Han Dynasty, was the national capital ofDamin Country in Five Dynasties, especially in the end of Song and in the end of Ming was the temporary capital city for two times, was the national capital again in the Incident of Fujian.

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