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Welcome to Fuzhou!
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Fuzhou Cuisine

It is said that in the late Qing Dynasty, the wife of shop-owner of Guanqianzhuang in Yangqiaoxiang in Fuzhou was a person of Zhejiang, she had the research to the cooking technical skill. One day, the boss of Guanqianzhuang entertained Zhou Lian, the wife of shop-owner descended in the kitchen in person, cheese to use 20 various raw materials like chicken, duck, tripe, pig feet, mutton, the cuttlefish stem...etc., packed into the Shaoxing wine-jar along together, covered strictly, used the thick flavor of the light fire to boil the food of the joss-stick. Zhou Lian was full of praise after taste. After the event, Zhou Lian took the kitchen called Zheng Chunfa and ascended the door to beg to teach. Under the guidances of the wife of shop-owner, Zheng Chunfa comprehended the profound mystery to cook. Zheng Chunfa took into the adjustment in using to anticipate at the time of in the wake ofly it cooking the method, used the more seafood, used the little meat, made the boiled food not get fed up with, it was more tasty. He sold this dish in the city. A day, a few scholars and writers gathered together to drink and taste in the Juchunyuan, Zheng Chunfa took out this dish, when the cover was opened up, it was very joss-stick, it made person infatuate with. The people tasted it with relish and were full of praise. Someone of them asked that what name the dish was. Zheng answered that he didn't yet choose name. The people took advantage to sing a hymn to make to endow with, someone said that joss-stick float everywhere, the smells leave to jump the wall come to the .. " the scholars and writers claped hands to call strange. From then, the abbreviation of the Fotiaoqiang of this poetry became positive of this dish then.

>>The litchi meat
The litchi abounds in Fujian, the litchi is been famous for its color, joss-stick, form, flavor. The litchi meat is a kind of traditional taste dish which uses the litchi great reputation exactly to make copy of its form with the pork. This chopper work is delicate, cooking is compactness, and it is sour, sweet, fresh and beautiful, slippery smooth good to eat.
Method for making: Cut the lean pork into pieces, chisel the ten word in each meat, then cut into the inclined form piece respectively, then grasp with the wet starch along together with the water chestnut slice the pig meat, white sauce, refined sugar, fragrant vinegar, the soup, monosodium glutamate, ketchup, sesame oil, wet starch adjust juice. Put the meat piece and the water chestnut slices that the syrup likes along together in the oil pan, stir to spread to turn over to fry, wait the meat pieces to present the litchi form, pour in to leak to go to the oil. Pack the dish garlic, the spring onion segment in the oil pan to fry, then pour into the juice to hang up to boil, then put the litchi meat fried, the water chestnut slices, turn over to fry several bottom namely to become.

>>Shixiangzhui sparerib
Its quality is crispy, loose and soft, sour, sweet and proper; the flavor is superb and heavy.
Method for making: Chop the backbone of the pig fillet to the greater half, cut into slices, clap with the knife surface, then use the back of knife horizontal keep heavy to clap 3 times, and then use the edge of knife to face in the meat up horizontal keep to order lightly, cut into relationships with the blood finally. The water chestnut is cut into slices, put along together with the fillet bone in the bowl; join the dry starch and little clear water to grasp starch evenly well. Spring onion rice, garlic, sauce, refined sugar, fragrant vinegar, ketchup, curry sauce, sesame sauce, monosodium glutamate, the soup, orange are all put into the small basin, mix evenly to adjust Zhui juice. When fillet bone and the water chestnut slice are put along together into the pot to fry to the golden color, rise them to go to the oil, pour into in Zhui juice, turn over bottom several times to pack the dish to become namely.

A light repast

>>Fish ball
A light repast that person of Fuzhou often eat has the special features with wrap the heart contain farcing. Make it with the fresh fish of the shark and eel, take out bone, wash clearly, chop to become the fish ball sauce; join the brine in harmony in different times, then join the dry starch, mix fish thick soup form. At the same time, choose the pork to chop to become sauce, cut the shrimp stem to pieces, and adjust into the sauce, monosodium glutamate, spring onion to wait in vain to make the farcing. While wrapping to make, should use the fish ball especially made, take the farcing to wrap in the fish thick soup, knead the glomeration by hand, put in the basin full clear water, and put the pot having cold water to cook with the tiny fire. Raise the food to cool in the bamboo basket. The soup of fish ball require much attention, the condiment is seasoning, they contain the spring onion white, hemp seed oil, the shrimp oil...etc. The fish balls float on the stock for cooking, completely clear, the stars orders the point, is prized for seven-star fish ball.

It is disc-shaped, the color is yellow, the hull is joss-stick, the flavor is beautiful, it is one of the breakfasts that citizenry of Fuzhou have in common; it is popular for hundreds of years. The skins of finished products are crispy, the farcing is fresh and beautiful, and the color is golden. Immerse rice, soybean respectively with the water for 3 hours to 4 hours, add water to become the thick syrup, join the refined salt to wait to use after mix evenly. The pork is chopped to be stuffing, the spring onion is cut the bead form, adjust farcing with the sauce, the oyster meat is washed clearly and drip. Put the iron spoon specially made into the oil pan and heat, take the half spoon to anticipate the syrup to pour into the hot spoon, put the rice and peanut milk on the meat stuffing, cover one spoon of rice and peanut milk again, put into the oil pan, get while frying to a round flat cake to face to present the golden color, drip the oil.

Choose the medium flour to make into dessert. It has many layers and is beautiful, oil joss-stick soft smooth, the entrance melt. Join the leaven, refined sugar, clear water into the flour and become the pasta, press the flour for about 2 hours, add the lye to crumple evenly again. The fatty fat meats are cut into pieces to put into the soup pot, cook with the prosperous fire to rise, then cut into the thin fat meat slices. Make the flour to become a slice, become one level farcing towards fold, on the part put one layer of fat meat slice, again put one layer of refined sugar, make in the same way can get 3 layers farcings and 4 levels. Qianyegao generally is made into 8 layers to 12 levels, the made-up cakes are put into the steamer, steaming with the prosperous fire familiar, take out square or rhombus, then become.

This light repast has already had the history of more than 400 years in Fuzhou, because of many ingredients, the quality is soft and delicate, it is delicious, tasty, and utility and welcome among the people deeply. Soak rice with the clear water for 2 hours to 3 hours, add the clear water to whet rice and peanut milk, add the refined salt to wait to use. After black mushrooms and the laver water deliver, cut the black mushrooms into the thin, cut the spring onion into slices, cut the garlic into segments. Put the spring onion white and garlic in the panslightly to boil, then put pork, the water black mushrooms, laver and the shrimp skin together into pot, add the clear water to burn familiar of 70%, put on the peanut oil in the side of pan, ladle up the rice and peanut milk to follow a side with the bowl even sprinkle a round, cover the pot cover, when see rice and peanut milk on the pot side turn rise, use the shovel to go into a spade of rice in the pot, then add just right amount of clear water, depend on the up method sprinkles to finish 3 times to 4 times separately. Before sprinkling the last rice and peanut milk, adjust into the fish soup, threw in the monosodium glutamate, spring onion bead, the garlic segment after cook then raise the pot.

>>Hongshanqiao Guangbing
In 1562, the Japanese invaders infringed upon Fukien distinctly, Qi Jiguang received order to go into Fujian to destroy the enemy, got to complete victory greatly. Before the Qi's soldiers go in south, in order to made march quickly, they made into a round flat cake with the flour, dogged one bore in the center, the string hanged in the warriors' body, which were taken as the marched dry ration food. People of Fuzhou make copy competitively in order to be in honor of Qi's a signal feat, call it as the Guangbing, become a habit, become the favorite food of people of Fuzhou. When make the Guangbing use fried pot firstly, later change into the Tie stove, make the Guangbing be joss-stick, loose and delicious. The Hongshanqiao is a land-and-water transportation main route of Fuzhou, the friendly intercourse of persons are many, the price of Guangbing is low and it can bear hungry, so people who buy it are too many, supply falls short of demand every day, they make and sell at the same time, feel hot when hand over it, it is more welcome by buyers. So it spreads fame the far and near.


It is also called the dried longan, is one of the six famous fruits of Fujian. There is the history of planting longan for a thousand years in the region of Fuzhou. The trees are often green; the tree hats are high and big. The fresh longan, its circle likes bead, its red likes pill of gold, its meat likes glass, its pit likes black paint, the flesh of fruits is fresh and delicate, the juice is sweet, and the nourishment is abundant. Honghezi, Bianxiabang etc. of the suburban area are famous kinds. They abound in Fuqing, Minhou, Jiaoqu etc. The dried longan meat which are made of the fresh longan is a valuable tonic, which has the effect that open the stomach and repair to grow in wisdom falsely, can cure the disease weak and anemic Wei Huang, nervous prostration, the postnatal period anemia etc.

Its nickname is Danli, is one of the six famous fruits of Fujian. The age of tree is long, the yield is high, the greenery cover, the trees' hats are beautiful, the fruits' skins are thin, the pit is small, the meat is thick, the juice is much, it is pure sweet and good to eat. It was listed as the contribution after Tang Dynasty. Cai Xiang's the litchi table in Song Dynasty said Fuzhou was most, but the Xinghua which is Putian City now the most unusual, the Quanzhang was as well well-known. The litchi of Fuzhou are planted at most, there are dozens of kinds like Lianggonghong, Honglu, Chenzi etc. When big and hot solar division they appear on market, it is the most prosperous. The Xiafanzhi in Fuqing is most valuable, the quality is good, it is late familiar, become the famous fruit in the markets of HongKong and Macau. In addition to the fresh fruit should be in the markets, the fruit can also be processed, dried in the sun, made wine and make into the can with meticulous care and sold everyplace far.

It belongs to the rambling rose section, is often green and small tall tree. The fruit spheroid or oval, orange or thin orange. It is pleased with warm and wetness, fit to grow in the shade, use the dibble and get married to connect or layering etc. to breed. Be produced in western region of Chinese Hubei and Chongqing at first, are educated most prosperous in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu etc. It is one of the six famous fruits of Fukien, the species are rather many, the region of Fuzhou is widely to plant, the fruit provides to living the food outside, can be made into the canned food. The tree provides to appreciate; the flowers are good source of sweet. The Chinese medicine learn up to go into the medicine with the leaves, sex is even, flavor is bitterness, pure lung of function next the spirit, and stomach decline negative, mainly cures the lung hot cough, vomit negative etc.

>>Lotus Lee
It is a kind of fruit, there are still rouge Lee, Nauli etc. It is one of the famous products of Fuzhou, are educated for a thousand years, Yongtai Country which is the country of Li fruit is most famous. The fruit is circular, the skin is pale green color, the flesh of fruits is deeply red, it is sweet, sour and proper, the quality is best; Average single fruit is 50 grams heavy, is mature in July, it can fresh food, also can be processed to various sweetmeat.

It is called the blessing fruit and green fruit again, is one of the six famous fruits of Fukien. foreign body ambition of Nan-chou in the period of Three Kingdoms wrote, the history of planting is long. They mainly are produced in Minhou, Minqing, Yongtai etc. There are many famous species like the Tanxiang, Dingxiang, Huiyuan, Zilaiyuan, Changying etc. The olives present the spindle form, is green, after mature present the thin yellow. The fruit form is pretty, the color is fresh and smooth, the meat is thick and pit is small. Eat to start acerbity then sweet behind, chew more and more fragrant, enjoy in retrospect endless, eliminate the effect of eat the pure lung benefit larynx. In addition to livening to eat, the olives can also be used the salt pickle to become the salty olives, use the condiments like the sugar, honey, five joss-stick etc. to process sweet and great tasty of five flat olives, licorice olives, sweetmeat olives, fragrant olives, sandalwood olives, lilac olives, salty fruit...etc. and sold in the world.

>>Blessing oranges
It is one of the six famous fruits of Fujian. The suburban area and Minqing are the main place of production. It was very famous in Ming Dynasty, called Zhu Orange at that time, the fruit is disc-shaped, each bout is 100 grams heavy, the color is fresh and red, the skin is thin and meat is much, the flavors is sweet and tiny sour, smooth and bear to keep. In addition to be beautiful, sweet and tastily good to early, it still implies glucose and various vitamins, especially the vitamin C content is more, it is good assistance food of invalidism. Its skin, pit, Luo all are Chinese herbal medicine, have the efficacy of medicine. Make into a round flat cake of orange which the effect of turning the phlegm town to cough. Because it assigns name to with the blessing word, orange is again with the Ji same sound, so it is enjoyed the favor. The old customs of Fuzhou, when Chinese New Year's Day, the every family opens the door to all put a few blessing oranges outside the door, allow the kids to go to pick them, symbolizing to open a great luck.

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