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Welcome to Fuzhou!
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The amusement in Fuzhou

It is as the modern southern city, the entertainment industry of Fuzhou is very flourishing, all kinds of amusement concourses, night clubs, mulberry bathrooms and the recreation places spread all over the prosperous street areas of the whole city. West Lake Park, Left Sea Park and 6 international standard golf courses which are in the construction in the suburban area like Dengyun, Dongfang...etc. and numerous amusement cities can provide the visitors with the amusement to kill time. Fuzhou has abundant folks amusement activities again, the traditional dramas are widely accepted up to now, each big theater usually has performance cruise to return in the city, Pinghua of Fuzhou and Min drama are the best.

Pinghua of Fuzhou:
It is a kind of the song skill that is widely accepted in the dialect area of Fuzhou and east of Fujian province, the north of Fujian province, Taiwans and overseas Chinese of Southeast Asias to gather to reside the ground to grow. There have already been various Pinghua species from 1723 to 1735. They were widely accepted in the period of Guangxu. The way of performance is simple and vivid. They contain Dankoupinghua and Duikoupinghua. In addition to the book field, they still reserve the form of the high pedestal to accept appointment. The number of traditional bibliographies is so many, they are abundant and colorful. In addition to saying the department and the public issue knight errant books, there still are the court book, the family book. The traditional songs of Pinghua of Fuzhou have the daughter buys the bone , Liu Gang makes the hospital etc.

Play of Fujian Province: It is a kind of the drama play. Because people sing on stage with the dialect of Fuzhou, and then called the drama of Fuzhou. Become the first art form of history sing. The Douqiang was in the period of Wanli in Ming Dynasty, Cao Xuequan in Hongtang country in the west suburb in Fuzhou made the music of other provinces into the song of Fuzhou to create the dram.
In the middle period of Qing Dynasty, it was widely accepted in Fuzhou. In the period of Guangxu, Rulin play, Jianghu play and Pingjiang play are mutual to absorb to become the local drama of Fuzhou. In the front and back of 1911 Revolution, the play of Fujian Province again absorbeded the play of Anhui Province, Beijing Opera, Kunqu etc., appeared Rulin, Pingjiang, Laolao to remit to match the derivation, became the basic mode of the play of Fujian Province of today. Zheng Zhenduo publiced the purple jade hairpin , a fiesta , replaced Rulinban to call with the play of Fujian Province until 1924. The play of Fujian Province is widely accepted in the center of Fujian Province, the north of Fujian Province, east of Fujian Province and Taiwan, everyplace in Southeast Asia.

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